HF Marine

FREQ     Mode        STATION


1765       USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO  MF WORKING

4375       USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO  WX, NAV 0918, 0948,1333,1718,1748

13146     USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO  WX, NAV 0918, 0948,1333,1718,1748

8740       USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO  WX, NAV 0918, 0948,1333,1718,1749

4417       4125       USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO WORKING DUPLEX ITU 421

8779       8255       USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO WORKING DUPLEX ITU 821

13137    12290      USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO WORKING DUPLEX ITU 1221

17302    16420      USB         ZSC – CAPE TOWN RADIO WORKING DUPLEX ITU 1621

4125                      USB         SIMPLEX DISTRESS/CALLING 

4146                      USB         SIMPLEX WORKING ITU 451

4149                      USB         SIMPLEX WORKING ITU 452

4417                      USB         SIMPLEX WORKING ITU 453

6215                      USB         SIMPLEX DISTRESS/CALLING

6224                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 651

6227                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 652

6230                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 653

6516                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 654

8291                      USB         SIMPLEX DISTRESS/CALLING

8294                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 851

8297                      USB         SIMPLEX ITU 852

12290                    USB         SIMPLEX DISTRESS/CALLING

12353                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 1251

12356                    USB         SIMPLEX WORKING ITU 1252

12359                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 1253

16420                    USB         SIMPLEX DISTRESS/CALLING

16528                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 1651

16531                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 1652

16534                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 1653

22159                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 2251

22162                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 2252

22165                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 2253

22168                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 2254

22178                    USB         SIMPLEX ITU 2255

25100                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

25103                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

25106                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

25112                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

25115                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

25118                    USB         MARINE SIMPLEX WORKING     

4014                      FAX  120/576      ZSJ – AFMET CAPE NAVAL  WEATHER MAPS SIMONSTOWN

7508                      FAX  120/576      ZSJ – AFMET CAPE NAVAL  WEATHER MAPS SIMONSTOWN

13538                    FAX  120/576      ZSJ – AFMET CAPE NAVAL  WEATHER MAPS SIMONSTOWN

18238                    FAX  120/576      ZSJ – AFMET CAPE NAVAL  WEATHER MAPS SIMONSTOWN

0.518                    NAVTEX               ZSC        

4214                     ATOR FEC            ZSC-A   

4317                     ATOR FEC            ZSC-A   

8688                     ATOR FEC            ZSC-A   

12698                   ATOR FEC            ZSC-A   

17164                   ATOR FEC            ZSC-A   

25 Responses to “HF Marine”

  1. AlexM Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Baphthyclanty Says:

    Hi all!

    As a fresh capespectrum.wordpress.com user i just wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this board 🙂

  3. Roy McBride Says:


    Please confirm that these frequencies published are current and up to date as of March 15th 2009 ?


    Yacht Flying Cloud ZS 2327

  4. Scannerhog Says:

    I also like this website. I’ve battled to find frequency lists (for HF, VHF and HF) for South Africa on the net. Radio scanning has been one of my hobbies for years, and have recorded hundreds of frequencies, especially for the Gauteng and Durban areas. Will post up some of them sometime.

    • Anonymous Says:

      HI Scanner Hog

      Contact me via email. I have some interesting frequencies u can listen and maybe even chat on if u want to get serious.

      Johan Visagie
      ZR4LP Radio amateur
      WAZS 600

  5. ZR4LP Says:

    There is some illegal radio communications on the radio amateur band by some yacht owners on 7007 and 7001 USB, Gavin and his friends , swearing a lott. can anyone listen and report who they are.

    Johan Visagie

  6. ZR4LP Says:

    They are on the common wealth Tuna vessel

    Johan Visagie

    • Johan Says:

      They are NOT yacht owners.
      Yacht owners (or crew) dont sit on radios and swear; they sail their yachts.
      These are fishing operators and known for their foul language on the air.

  7. Phil Sorensen Says:

    I have noticed that there is a transmission on 7100kHz in the 40m amateur band from 05:00 to 07:30 GMT with a 59 carrier with periodic bursts of RTTY then ID callsign ZSC. At first I thought that one of my radios had a problem, but my other radios hear the same signal. I use a Kenwood TS530S and a Kenwood TS50S. This has been confirmed by another ham in East London. Is it possible that one of your coastal HF transmitters have gone spurious? I know there is a relay station just up the coast from East London towards Durban, but that is VHF. It would be appreciated if you could explain where these transmissions are coming from.
    Many thanks,
    P. Sorensen ZS2NP, East London

  8. Johan ZS1VU Says:

    I have spoken to CT Radio this morning (Sat 19 Feb.) and there was no “technician” available but the operator will inform them on Monday.

    He confirmed that they do not transmit on 7.100 and that the same has happened in the past on other non-marine frequencies.

    The RTTY+ CW sounds like their HF Autolink channels ID (such as at 4.363 kHz and 8.725 kHz both USB).

    Here in Milnerton the carrier is 59 + 30 and the signal is 59 + 60dB (full scale on my IC-746) and I am 1.35 km due West from Cape Town Radio and their antenna farm.

    At that level the signal is definitely from this site. Also I am still receiving the signal every 4.5 minutes at the moment and it is already past 12 noon.

    For your Google Earth info their site centre is 33:52:45 S by 18:30:22 E and my location is 33:52:49 S by 18:29:29 E.

    I’ll let you know should there be any response from them.

    With all my dealings with them (marine) I have never been disappointed by them.


  9. RF Says:

    I thought that the Marconi Beam site was receive only and the TX is from KLIPHEUWEL no?

  10. Johan ZS1VU Says:

    No, the ZSC i.d. signal and for Autolink gets transmitted from Milnerton Marconi Beam site as well as marine VHF.

    There was a power outage (which affected myself) and when power came back on that particular transmitter defaults to 7.100 kHz and there it was merrily sending its signal on our 40m band.

    They have now installed a UPS for that Tx and will also change the default to the intended operating frequency.


  11. ZS6AF Says:

    Some fishing boats skippers chatting on 7.749Mhz , blimey good signals from the vessels.

    I am in Nelspruit so comms is super.


  12. Rudolf Britz Says:

    Hi all, i am looking for a Marine SSB radio to buy / rent in Cape Town. Let me know on 071 883 5521 / rbritz1@colsol.co.za

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The filth has reached our hobby-site.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Cape Town Radio Land mobile channels:

    TX frequencies (KHz)

    ZSC 4905 – Mobile 4817.5
    6852 6836
    8047 7610
    14887 13895
    14700 14585
    20390 20050

    If you have an account with telkom and a callsign, you can call on theses channels to get radio telephone patching

    Probably the 6 and 8MHz work best throughout South Africa.

    Listen on 8740 at 10:15 and 18:15 UTC to check reception

  15. Ean ZS1PR Says:

    The 14 MHz will be best during daytime for ranges in excess of about 1200 km from 09 GMT/UTC to late afternoon/early evening. The 6 and 8 MHz frequencies will cover the entire South Africa (and well beyond) at night.

  16. Sias Pretorius Says:

    Sias ZS6ABT
    Good signals all round.

  17. Johan Visagie Says:

    3485khz , 2965 khz and 4426 usb , computer voice transmitting flight info for planes

  18. Johan Visagie Says:

    Hearing the fishing trawlers during late afternoon on 4555.5 mhz usb

  19. Johan Visagie Says:

    They also using 3456.78 khz usb
    5445.0 khz usb
    4666.0 khz usb Tommy
    3765.5 khz usb

    Then u can also listen on Almal in khz en usb …….5732 ,10777.77 , 6670, 5656. 4545, 4107.5 5225. 5227 4211.5 , 4377.77 ,4307.77 3715.5 , 3965.5 8503, 6262. 12345.67 , 3737.37. , 3663.36. ,3626 6888.8. , 8101 ,11302 , 4249.8 , 4230 , 8950 , 5430 , 6868 , 8765 , 8865. 11789, 10888.88 14151,51LSB , 6230 , 12352 8888.88 , 8282.7 , 5155.55 , 8484 , 8294 , 9244.44 8101 8104 7165 8516 , 12425 , 8707 4300 5444 6389 , 3472.65 4414 3447.77 5560 4141.41 5444.44 8353 8356 12352 khz
    Lots of conversations .

    Johan Visagie

  20. Johan Visagie Says:

    Fishing travellers also strong signals on 4149 khz and 4115 khz

    • Johan Says:

      I have some marine Icom tx/rx and atu’s in very good condition like new.
      Do you know anyone that may need this?


  21. Johan Visagie Says:

    Visvang stories met Kaptein op 5253 khz usb

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